Jobs for Medievalists – Editorial Assistant at Speculum

Part-time intern position starting at the end of September to input bibliographical data and help with the book review process, including mailing books to reviewers. The position is budgeted for 8 hours/week at $14 an hour and could be filled by an undergraduate or graduate student. The job requires strong attention to detail and some bibliographic experience, while offering participation in the editing and production of Speculum. Preference will be given to applicants in the Boston area able to work for the full academic year.

Please contact Sarah Spence ( to apply.

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Jobs for Medievalists

The Villanova Digital Library, part of Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library, located in Villanova PA, has available a dynamic and innovative internship position for the Fall 2016. academic semester. The primary mission of Villanova’s Digital Library is accomplished through the ongoing development, maintenance, and preservation of digital collections and online digital library resources. These include materials such as medieval manuscripts, letters, typescripts, books, photographs, maps, sheet music, posters and broadsides, newspapers.

Interns will work a 20 hour work week. During the course of the internship, an intern will follow a project through the development life cycle and will acquire and enhance digital project management skills.

Minimum Qualifications:

Current enrollment or recent graduation from a library, information science, or archival studies Graduate Degree programs required.

Interest in digitization in cultural heritage settings;

Ability to perform diverse and complex tasks with accuracy and attention to detail;

Ability to exercise independent judgment;

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships;

Ability to work successfully in a production-oriented environment;

Ability to direct the work of others;

Good written and oral communication skills;

Working knowledge of historical research methodology and experience with standard bibliographic tools;

Creativity required.

To apply:

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Jobs for Medievalists

The American Academy in Rome (AAR) invites qualified individuals to apply for the position of Academy Director, starting summer 2017. The individual selected to fill this Rome-based position will ideally have an established reputation in one of the four humanities disciplines served by the AAR (ancient studies, medieval studies, renaissance and early modern studies, and modern Italian studies) or one of the seven arts disciplines served by the AAR (architecture, landscape architecture, design, historic preservation and conservation, literature, music, and visual arts). Broad cultural interests, as well as some degree of fluency in spoken and written Italian, is also desired for this position.

Reporting to the President/CEO based in New York, the Director works with the President on intellectual and programmatic activities and provides managerial leadership for all AAR activities in Rome, including a diverse Italian and American staff of approximately 45.

Click here for more information.

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DigiPal VI: The Palaeography Awakens…

The Models of Authority team are delighted to announce that the sixth DigiPal Symposium will take place at King’s College London on Monday 5th September 2016. Topics covered will include digital connoisseurship and strategies for curation; building apps for medieval manuscripts; a new device to use x-ray technology to search for medieval fragments in bookbindings; tools for text-allignment; strategies for outreach when teaching medieval history; visualisations to identify the textual transmission of medieval works; and sustainability in research which uses digital methods. And in case that isn’t enough, there’ll be tales of digitisation; breaking news on the latest plans to extend the DigiPal framework; and a glimpse of a new tool for plotting a timeline for Scottish charters (or indeed things neither Scottish, nor a charter).

For a list of confirmed speakers, please visit:

Or just jump straight in and book here:

The Symposium will run from 9.30am-7.15pm, with refreshments and lunch included. There’s no charge for registration, but if you’d like to attend then please do register or you’ll miss out on your chance for a free lunch.

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SEMA prizes for teaching, first book, and scholarly achievement: Sept. 1 deadline coming up

Nominations for the awards  may be made by fellow members of SEMA in good standing, by colleagues, or by self-application.  The usual deadline of July 15 has been extended to September 1, but please note that Tom must have all supporting materials by that date. Winners will be announced at our fall conference during the Saturday business meeting.

Since 2007, SEMA has offered three annual awards for teaching excellence and scholarly achievement to recognize outstanding contributions to these fields by its members:

The Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes achievement in the teaching of medieval subjects in the past three years. Nominees will be asked to supply 1) a selection of student evaluations for three years; 2) letters of support from colleagues and/or deans or students; 3) a brief narrative de-scribing their teaching philosophy; 40) a list of courses taught in the medieval area for the past three years; and 5) a current curriculum vitae.

The Award for Best First Book is given for the best first book in a field of medieval scholarship. Members who have publisher their first book within the past five years are eligible. Nominees will be asked to submit 1) the book’s introduction and one or two additional chapters (as pdfs); and 2) at least two published reviews of the books (as pdfs).

The Award for Scholarly Achievement recognizes scholars with a substantial number of publications (articles and/or books) with at least one article appearing in Medieval Perspectives. Nominees should submit 1) letters of support from colleagues and/or deans and students; and 2) a current curriculum vitae.

Please send nominations to Tom Farrell, at

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Fall 2016 Exhibitions at Bridwell Libary

Inscribed Illuminations and Inspirations: Manuscripts at Bridwell Library:

August 8, 2016 – December 16, 2016 in The Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Galleries


Surveying the wide range of manuscripts in Bridwell Library Special Collections representing the Christian, Judaic, and Islamic traditions, this exhibition includes items produced between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries in numerous locations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The array of texts, languages, letterforms, illuminations, and illustrations provides evidence of both known and unrecorded scribes, artists, readers, and owners as well as insights into the cultural, historical, bibliographical, and aesthetic contexts in which these manuscripts were created.


These works both complement and supplement printed holdings in significant collecting areas for Bridwell Library including scripture and worship, devotion, theology and church history, and religious instruction and study.  Focusing on these genres, Bridwell Library continues to build a diverse and instructive collection of manuscripts, many of which demonstrate how handwritten books and documents remained essential facets of religious and intellectual life following the introduction of printing in Europe in the mid-fifteenth century.


Engraved Throughout

August 15, 2016 – December 9, 2016 in the Bridwell Library Entry Hall


This exhibition explores religious works printed entirely with copperplates:  the volumes were engraved throughout. These pages could be presented side-by-side, as in prayer books and guides to the mass. Alternatively each plate would be viewed individually, often as one print in a series. Such suites of plates proved conducive for illustrating narrative accounts including biblical episodes and the biographies of religious figures.  Created with various intentions, the exhibited volumes published in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries provided an appealing and engaging format for instruction, documentation, worship, and devotion.

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Call for Papers – Animating the Medieval: Research on Animated Representations of the Middle Ages in Memory of Michael N. Salda

Animating the Medieval: Research on Animated Representations of the Middle Ages in Memory of Michael N. Salda
Sponsored by The Association for the Advancement of Scholarship and Teaching of the Medieval in Popular Culture
52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan
11-14 May 2017
Proposals due by 15 September 2016

Medievalist Michael N. Salda passed away in October 2015. He was, perhaps, best known for his work on Chaucer and Malory, but scholars of the medieval on screen owe him a greater debt for his pioneering work on animated films, television programming, and theatrical shorts based on medieval subjects. Much of his activities in this field focused on the Matter of Britain. He began these efforts in the mid-1990s, and they culminated in his monograph Arthurian Animation: A Study of Cartoon Camelots on Film and Television published in 2013. In addition, Salda’s interests in animated representations of the medieval extended beyond Arthurian subjects; he also contributed an essay on the Vikings in animation for Vikings on Film: Essays on Depictions of the Nordic Middle Ages (2011) and was working on a venture devoted to cataloging the more general use of the medieval in animation, a project that now seems unlikely to appear given his untimely death. However, as advocates of the Once and Future King have sustained the ideals of their fallen Arthur, we, too, are able to follow Salda’s model and honor his memory in continuing his work by building upon his scholarship in our own contributions to studies of the medieval on screen and by tracking down and discussing additional representations of the medieval in animation. We believe these efforts both further the mission of The Association for the Advancement of Scholarship and Teaching of the Medieval in Popular Culture (successor to the Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages) in promoting original research on the medieval in popular culture and acknowledge the lasting impact of a colleague that changed the field of Medievalism Studies for the better.

Presentations will be limited to 10-15 minutes depending on panel size, and The Association for the Advancement of Scholarship and Teaching of the Medieval in Popular Culture asks that accepted presenters submit their completed papers for publication on the Medieval Studies on Screen site ( prior to the conference to allow maximum dissemination of their ideas.

Interested individuals should submit, no later than 15 September 2015, (1) an abstract of approximately 500 words, (2) a 500-word biography, and (3) a completed Participant Information Form (accessible at to the organizers at using “Animating the Medieval” as their subject heading.

In planning your proposal, please be aware of the policies of the Congress (available at

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2016-17 ACLS Fellowship Competitions Now Open

ACLS is pleased to announce that the 2016-17 ACLS competitions are now open for many programs. ACLS offers fellowship and grant programs that promote the full spectrum of humanities and humanistic social sciences research and support scholars at the advanced graduate student level through all stages of the academic career. Comprehensive information and eligibility criteria for all programs can be found at

Application deadlines vary by program:

September 28, 2016
ACLS Fellowships (the central program)
ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowships
Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowships for Recently Tenured Scholars (including opportunities designated for liberal arts college faculty)

October 26, 2016
Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowships in American Art
Luce/ACLS Program in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs – Fellowships for Scholars
Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships

November 2, 2016
African Humanities Program

November 9, 2016
Luce/ACLS Predissertation-Summer Travel Grants in China Studies
Luce/ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowships in China Studies
Luce/ACLS Collaborative Reading-Workshop Grants in China Studies
Comparative Perspectives on Chinese Culture and Society (grants for planning meetings, workshops, and conferences)

November 15, 2016
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Dissertation Fellowships in Buddhist Studies
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships in Buddhist Studies
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Collaborative Research Fellowships in Buddhist Studies
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Research Fellowships in Buddhist Studies

January 11, 2017
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation New Professorships in Buddhist Studies

January 25, 2017
ACLS Digital Extension Grants

March 2017 (date TBA)
Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

The American Council of Learned Societies is the leading private institution supporting scholars in the humanities. In the 2015-16 competition year, ACLS awarded over $18 million to more than 300 scholars worldwide. Recent fellows’ and grantees’ profiles and research abstracts are available at The 2016-17 season promises to be equally successful!


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Registration for Beyond Words Symposium, Nov. 3-5

Registration for the Nov. 3-5 symposium accompanying the exhibition Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts from Boston Collections is now available online:

The full schedule will be available soon. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be an edifying and collegial gathering.

The Beyond Words curatorial team:

Jeffrey Hamburger
William P. Stoneman
Anne-Marie Eze
Lisa Fagin Davis
Nancy Netzer

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Call for Participatory Sessions RBMS 2017 Iowa City

Submission Deadline: October 28, 2016

The Participatory Programming Subcommittee of the RBMS 2017 Conference Program Planning Committee invites all to propose and organize a participatory session at RBMS 2017 in Iowa City.

Participatory sessions can be hands-on, discussion-based, service-oriented, and more!

Want some ideas/inspiration for types of sessions? Just want to submit?  Please visit our page, which includes details as well as the online form: 

Proposals submitted by October 28 will be given full consideration.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about submitting proposals, the suitability of topics, or organizing participatory sessions in general:

We look forward to reading your submissions!!!

For more information about RBMS 2017 please check out the conference website:

Be sure to subscribe to the website to receive updates!

Participatory Programming Subcommittee
RBMS 2017 Conference Program Planning Committee

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