2012 Webb-Smith Essay Competition

The Department of History at The University of Texas at Arlington announces the 2012 Webb-Smith Essay Competition as part of the 47th annual Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures March 8, 2012 $500 for the best research essay on Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean.

We are looking for original, unpublished article length essays in English (maximum 10,000 words plus endnotes) that explore relations between the three major cultures in the medieval Mediterranean, or the movements of people, goods, or ideas within or across the region. Geographically, submissions treating any subregion of the Mediterranean, or links between various areas are welcome. Questions may concern, but are not limited to: cultural or technological transfers, trade and its social Muslims, Christians, and Jews
in the Medieval Mediterranean or political implications, warfare, conquest, migration, and theories of Mediterranean unity/disunity or inter-cultural relations. Papers that engage with current scholarship debating the connections within the Mediterranean or the utility of discussing multiculturalism in the Middle Ages are especially welcome. The goal of this day-long conference will be to critically examine aspects of the multi-cultural Mediterranean and what it means for scholars to speak of the sea as one region with several religious cultures.

The winning essays will be published in a forthcoming volume of the Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lecture Series, published by Texas A&M Press, along with essays by the lecturers: Paul M. Cobb • Travis Bruce • Robin Vose • Sarah Davis-Secord
Volume edited by Sarah Davis-Secord and Elisabeth A. Cawthon, with an introduction by Alex Metcalfe

Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2012
Send submissions to:
Jennifer S. Lawrence (jlawrenc@exchange.uta.edu),
Chair of the Webb Lectures Committee
Department of History
UT Arlington
Box 19529
Arlington, TX 76019-0529

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