2023 CAARI (Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute) Fellowships

Information for CAARI’s 2023 fellowships, including application forms, stipends, and expectations, is now available at:  www.caari.org/fellowships. Please see this website for more specific information on each award.

The deadlines for the CAARI-sponsored graduate student fellowships is December 9, 2022, and for all others, it is January 9, 2023.

This year’s  grants include:

  1. Three graduate student stipends offering support for travel to Cyprus and lodging at CAARI.
  2. Two CAARI/CAORC postdoctoral fellowships that fund a month’s research in Cyprus.
  3. The postdoctoral fellowship in honor of Professor Eddie Peltenburg, that can support a full academic year’s research time on Cyprus.
  4. Scholar in Residence

Other relevant fellowship opportunities are listed on the Fellowships page as well (e.g., Fulbright).

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