Call for Papers – A Casa de Avis: Legacies from Portugal

Call for Papers

49th International Congress on Medieval Studies
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI

May 8-11, 2014

A Casa de Avis: Legacies from Portugal (session of papers)

Portuguese studies are under-represented in the Medieval studies community as a whole. Its literature in particular has been ignored as the subject of many publications and investigations within the area of European Medieval studies. This is very disheartening considering Portugal’s close historical ties to the histories of Spain and Great Britain which are very popular areas of study. There are many works which have been disseminated to other literatures to and from the Portuguese language that have been studied within other literary traditions without emphasis on the Portuguese contribution. These texts have influenced many authors who have been highly regarded in the literatures of other languages. Although these works are fundamental in understanding the transmission of works, translation conventions, socio-political and cultural relations between the crowns of Western Europe, dissemination of ideas and literary conventions, among other things, they have unfortunately been neglected.

In order to shine a light on this wonderfully rich culture, literature and history, this session proposes to present papers related to the members of the Portuguese royal family belonging to the Casa de Avis (Avis Dynasty). Various of whose members were very influential to and influenced by some of the most creative Ancient & Medieval literary minds (like Aristotle & Boccaccio), participating in circles which have celebrated authors (such as Juan de Mena & the Marquis of Santillana). They have also associated with controversial historical figures such as Ferdinand of Castile, Juan II and Alvaro de Luna.

We invite scholars to submit papers examining prominent figures of the Casa de Avis (i.e. King João I, King Duarte I, Dom Pedro Duque de Coimbra and Don Pedro Condestable de Portugal) or their works from any disciplinary approach on diverse topics such as, but not limited to, science, medicine, comparative literature, music, philosophy, culture, politics, art, religion, etc.

Email abstracts of 300-500 words in MS Word or .pdf with the participant information form ( to Kellye Hawkins & Alla by September 15, 2013 or earlier.

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