Call for Papers – MAA 2013 Annual Meeting

annualmeetingcallAnnual Meeting, Los  Angeles, 2014: Call for Papers
Deadline for submission is 15 June 2013

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America will be held jointly with the Medieval Association of the Pacific on 10-12 April, in Los Angeles at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and hosted by the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

The Program Committee invites proposals for papers on all topics and in all disciplines and periods of medieval studies. Any member of the Medieval Academy may submit a paper proposal, excepting those who presented papers at the annual meetings of the Medieval Academy in 2012 and 2013; others may submit proposals as well but must become members in order to present papers at the meeting. Special consideration can be given to individuals whose specialty would not normally involve membership in the Medieval Academy.

The complete Call for Papers with additional information, submission procedures, selections guidelines, and organizers is available here.

Please contact Prof. Massimo Ciavolella at UCLA, if you have any questions.


  1. Encountering Byzantium: The Empire through the Gaze of Others
  2. Byzantine Art as a Site of Encounter
  3. Architecture and Encounter
  4. On Teaching the Middle Ages to K-12 [two sessions]
  5. Travel and Pilgrimage Literature
  6. The Postcolonial Encounter in Medieval English Literature
  7. The Traffic in Religions
  8. Encounters between Cultures: Conflicts and Conflict Resolution
  9. Medicine and Literature
  10. Shipwrecks and Shipping
  11. What’s New in Medieval Studies?
  12. Empires of Fantasy
  13. Encountering the Past and the Page in Medieval English Literature
  14. Digital Humanities
  15. Museums and the Presentation of the Middle Ages
  16. Medievalism: The Middle Ages in Film and Video Games
  17. Cartography: Visual Representation of Encounters
  18. Preconceptions of the World outside Europe
  19. Medieval Culture of Empire Language Communities
  20. Frederick II and the Islamic World
  21. Sites of Encounter: Armenia
  22. Sites of Encounter: Norman Sicily
  23. Sites of Encounter: North Africa
  24. Sites of Encounter: Iberia
  25. Scandinavians and Empire
  26. Charlemagne
  27. Queens, Empresses, and Women of Power
  28. Diversity of Religious Communities in the Medieval West
  29. Gifts and Exchange
  30. Travel to Different Worlds
  31. Ritual Encounters: Festivals, Processions, Parades and Triumphs
  32. Exploration
  33. Identifying Cultural Encounters and Networks from Archaeological Evidence
  34. German Manuscripts and Imperial Authority: Routes of Transmission
  35. Manuscript Illumination
  36. Rome’s Revival: Encounters with Rome in the Middle Ages
  37. Crusade Encounters
  38. Sites of Encounter in Medieval Literature
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