Call for Transcribers! The Saint Dunstan Transcription Challenge, July 21-August 4

The Saint Dunstan Transcription Challenge is a two week digital event taking place July 21- August 4, 2023. The life of Saint Dunstan is part of The South English Legendaries (SEL), a thirteenth-century collection of saints’ legends and biblical histories written in Middle English. Found in 77 different witnesses, and with over 140 different legends, there are over 2000 unique circulating texts associated with the collection; By participating in the Saint Dunstan Transcription Challenge, you can directly impact our understanding of the South English Legendaries.

Participants will dedicate 4-5 hours in transcription with team-mates over the two-week event; editor-captains will invest slightly more time. Come join the community of digital transcribers, improve your manuscript skills, and learn more about the life of Saint Dunstan and the South English Legendaries! Visit the Saint Dunstan Challenge website for more information, and click here to register!

For questions or concerns, write to Dr. Tristan Taylor at,

The Saint Dunstan Challenge is part of the Transcription Challenge Framework (TCF).

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