CARA News: Florida State Univ.

Medieval Studies at Florida State University is a dynamic and growing area of teaching and research. Faculty in the Colleges of Fine Arts, Arts & Sciences, and Communications contribute to the promotion of interdisciplinary research into the Middle Ages (c. 400-1500), teaching a wide variety of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and supervising masters’ and doctoral dissertations in all areas of the field. Subjects taught in the classroom and in the field include Archaeology, Art and Architectural History (Western, Byzantine, and medieval Islamic), Book History, History (social, economic, political, ecclesiastical, intellectual and gender), Language and Literature (including Old and Middle English, Old Norse, Medieval Welsh, Middle Dutch, Classical and Medieval Greek and Latin, Church Slavic/Old Russian, Spanish, Italian, Insular French and French), Manuscript Studies (including British and Continental illumination), and Musicology.


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