CARA News – Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas hosted a joint conference of the Medieval Association of the Pacific (MAP) and the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association (RMMRA) on April 12-14, 2018. RMMRA celebrated its 50th anniversary as an organization, and this event marked MAP’s 52nd annual conference. These anniversaries inspired the conference theme, “Memory and Remembrance in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.” Keynote talks were given by Bronwen Wilson, who spoke on “Stone Matters: Botticelli’s Drawings For Dante’s Inferno” and Seeta Chaganti, whose talk was entitled “The Westward Middle Ages: Roundups and Remembrance.”

RMMRA’s 51st annual conference will be held in 2019 in Denver, CO from April 11-13; MAP’s 53rd annual conference will be held jointly with ACMRS in Scottsdale, AZ from February 7-9. Both MAP and RMMRA award a number of prizes and travel grants for graduate students, independent scholars, and scholars without institutional support for travel. See and for more information.

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