CARA News: University of Michigan

University of Michigan
 Medieval and Early Modern Studies

1029 Tisch, 435 S. State St., Univ. of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1003
Phone: 734-763-2066  //  Fax: 734-647-4881

Program Associate: Terre Fisher (

Faculty Contact, 2016-2018: Peggy McCracken (
Department of Romance Languages and Literature, Women’s Studies, Comparative Literature
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1003
Phone: 734-647-2338

For further information about programs, degrees, and affiliated faculty, please visit our website:

Lectures and Events:

In 2016-2017, guest lecturers included Robert Tittler (Concordia University, Montreal). Leah DeVun (Rutgers University); Sally Cornelison (Syracuse University); Kate van Orden (Harvard University), Elizabeth Allen (University of California-Irvine); Roberto Tottoli (Institute for Advanced Study); Yasmina Foehr-Janssens (University of Geneva); Niels Van Steenpaal (Kyoto University); Niall Atkinson (University of Chicago); Charles Sanft (University of Tennessee-Knoxville); Vincent Barletta (Stanford University).

Conferences, special lectures, and ongoing colloquia included “The Humanity of the Medieval Wildman” (Sep); “Melusine’s Prayer: Manuscripts and Monstrous Assemblages” (Sep); “The Island of Hermaphrodites: Gender Performance and Transgenderism in Early Modern France” (Oct); “Social Aspiration and the Malleability of English Portraiture, 1540-1640 (Oct); “Amateur Shakespeare” (Oct); All that Glitters: Magnificence in Art, Architecture & Visual Culture Conference (Nov); “Imagining Adam and Eve: Hermaphrodites in the Garden of Eden” (Nov); “The Reproduction of Species: Humans, Animals and Hybrids in Rabbinic Thought” (Nov); “Musica Transalpina: Janequin and the French in 16th-Century Italy” (Dec); “Love, Friendship, and Jihad in the Age of Crusades” (Dec); “Tresilian, Gawain, and Forms of Protection” (Jan); “Good Households and Household Goods: Material Culture and Burgess Identity after the Black Death” (Jan); “Plato’s Self-Moving Myth. The Circulation of Plato’s Charioteer from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance” (Jan); “Ibn Sina and the Limits of Galenic Medicine: Disciplinary Polemics in the Canon of Medicine” (Jan); MEMS Lecture Series: “Uncertain Refuge: Sanctuary in Medieval Literature” (Jan), “Atlantic Circulations: Travels of Slaves and Ex-slaves in the Era of Revolutions” conference (Feb); “The Authentic Deeds of the Buddha: Visual Narratives and Canonical Scripture in Mogao Cave 61” (Feb); “Geography of Sound in Renaissance Florence” (Mar); “Political Theology of Vernacularization in Premodern India” (Mar); “Ties of Milk: Negotiating Maternity in the Narrative of the French Seven Sages of Rome” (Mar); “Lamenting Jerusalem in Crusading Narrative: A Wasteland Translated” (Mar); “The Culture of Free Print in Early Modern Japan” (Mar); “Interacting with Text in Early Imperial China and Beyond” (Apr); “Mannerist Palinode: Art, Empire, and Dispossession in Early Modern Iberia” (Apr); “Chinese Spinoza in Malebranche: The Immanence of Order as Metaphysical Heresy” (Apr); Medieval Lunch Series (run by Forum on Research in Medieval Studies; roughly monthly); FoRMS Reading Group (once per term); and the Premodern Colloquium (monthly).

Annual budget: $34,000

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