CARA News: University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa offers a collaborative Masters in Medieval and Renaissance studies, in which students, in addition to courses in their main discipline, take two interdisciplinary courses and develop a research project based on original sources. The program may be of particular interest to students who already have some French or some English and want to strengthen either language in a supportive bilingual environment.

The collaborative Masters is also contributing to a number of research projects. James Nelson Novoa, in collaboration with colleagues in Spain, Portugal, and Israel, is gathering material for a database on the Iberian Jewish diaspora. Kouky Fianu and Andrew Taylor are working with a team of students to contribute information on the medieval book trade to the French project ALPAGE (AnaLyse diachronique de l’espace urbain PArisien: approche GEomatique). Kathryn Prince is engaged in an interdisciplinary consideration of emotions  in early modern England, onstage and off, a project, developed during two fellowships at the Centre for the History of Emotions in Australia.

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