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Registration is now open for The Blood Conference, an interdisciplinary forum to discuss early modern and medieval theories of blood.

Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th January 2014

St Anne’s College, Oxford

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Between the 14th and 17th centuries, debates about the nature and function of blood raised questions about the limits of identity, God’s will, science’s encounter with the self, and the structure of families and communities. A substance defined diversely by theologians, medics, satirists, and dramatists, blood was much more than the red fluid running in human veins. It was matter, text, waste, cure, soul, God, and the means by which relationships were defined, sacramentalised, and destroyed.

The conference includes plenary addresses by Frances Dolan (UC Davis), Elisabeth Dutton (Fribourg), Helen Barr (Oxford), and Patricia Parker (Stanford); nine exciting panels with internationally-acclaimed speakers; a session by David Fuller (Durham), exploring Eucharistic theories with readings and performances of music and poetry; a production of the Croxton Play of the Sacrament; a panel discussion with leading blood transfusion and hematology experts; a session on treasures from the Wellcome Trust archives; and an exhibition by artist, Zachary Beer.

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