Harlaxton Online Medieval Zoomposium 2021 – Medieval Travel

Monday, 26 July – Friday, 30 July 2021
via Zoom

Anthony Bale, Julia Boffey, Martha Carlin, Lynda Dennison, Martha Driver, Anthony Gross, Kate Franklin, David Harrap, David Harrison, Alfred Hiatt, Alexandra Johnston, Bart Lambert, Shayne Legassie, Joanna Mattingly, Nicholas Orme, Simon Polson, Joshua Ravenhill, Carole Rawcliffe, Nicholas Rogers, Joel Rosenthal, Robert Swanson, Melanie Taylor, Alan Thacker, Kelcey Wilson-Lee, Laura Wright

There will also be student posters and a book-launch.

Registration fee: £15 (students £10) for all five days

To see the full programme of papers and events, and to register (via Eventbrite), please go to https://harlaxton.org.uk/

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