Jobs For Medievalists

The Visionary Cross and the Humanities Innovation Lab at the University of Lethbridge seek curious and enthusiastic graduate students for funded research positions at the MA and Ph.D. levels.

If you are interested in Early Medieval England, 3-D Visualization, Humanities Data or the Digital Humanities, we are interested in hearing from you. We can also consider other proposals related to our work.

The Visionary Cross is a case study in the future and implications of digital editions. The Project uses and critiques newly developed digital technologies in the study of a collection of important monuments and texts of early medieval England: the eighth-century Ruthwell and Bewcastle Stone Crosses from the kingdom of Northumbria, the eleventh-century Brussels Reliquary Cross and the late tenth-/early eleventh-century Vercelli Book poems “The Dream of the Rood” and “Elene from the south.” The project explores the ways in which these objects are connected to each other and the ways in which they might be best represented digitally.

The Humanities Innovation Lab also hosts the Canterbury Tales Project, Humanities Data Inquiry, and the Lethbridge Journal Incubator. We have been very successful in recent funding rounds internally and externally and are developing a cohort of students at the MA and PhD level interested in Digital Humanities, Medieval English Literature, Textual Scholarship and Criticism, and Research Communication/Open Science/Open Data.

What we are looking for:
We seek students interested in Early Medieval England, Old English, manuscript studies, digital research methods, digital humanities and Open Science. You are a curious and enthusiastic research student who will take an active role in the project while carrying out your individual line of research. You want to work as part of a team and contribute to the lab’s research environment. You believe in open science and open data published under FAIR principles.

Your interests might include:

Early Medieval England
3-D Representation
Object-Oriented Editions
Old English Literature
Manuscript Culture
Textual Scholarship
Open Data
Digital Humanities…

…but we are open to considering other proposals. If you have an innovative critical approach, we want to hear from you.

What we offer:
We are offering funding for a Ph.D. or M.A. within a lively and diverse working environment. You will learn from peers and project leaders in the framework of the Humanities Innovation Lab, where you can learn about all aspects of the project and its management while sharing in the lab’s collaborative and interdisciplinary research environment. Our project works closely with several other well-funded Digital Humanities and Open Science projects at the University including work on Indigenous languages, Scholarly Communication, and Open Data. The University has a number of innovative cross-disciplinary programmes, including Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (which takes an interdisciplinary approach to problems in the Humanities and Social Sciences) and a new Data Sciences programme, which is developing an approach that will span the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

Lethbridge is a medium-sized city with a mild climate for the Canadian Prairies. It is located on the lands of the Blackfoot confederacy.

Please contact professor Daniel O’Donnell (, for an informal conversation. The deadline for a September start is February 2nd.

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