Jobs For Medievalists

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) invites applications for four grant-funded cataloging positions.

·   Cataloger of Armenian Manuscripts

·   Cataloger of Ethiopic Manuscripts

·   Cataloger of Slavic Manuscripts

·   Cataloger of Western Manuscripts

Founded in 1965, HMML holds the world’s largest archive of manuscript photographs in both microfilm and digital format. HMML identifies manuscript collections around the world that need photographic preservation and online access. Its archives now contain more than 500,000 complete manuscripts, ranging in size from large codices of hundreds of folios to brief documents consisting of just a few leaves. Candidates are asked to complete an application form and submit a cover letter and resume. For access to the full position descriptions and to apply, please visit: (edited) 

Direct links to the individual job postings:





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