MAA GSC Annual Meeting Travel Bursaries

Are you interested in attending the 2018 Medieval Academy Annual Meeting but need some financial assistance to get to Atlanta?

Thanks to the generosity of the Graduate Student Committee, which has opted to re-allocate a portion of its annual budget towards this program, the Medieval Academy is offering graduate student travel bursaries of $200-300 to support attendance at the Medieval Academy Annual Meeting at Emory University, 1-3 March 2018. To apply, you must be a graduate student member of the Medieval Academy and explain why attendance at the meeting is important to your research. The Annual Meeting program is available here.

Applications must be received by January 15. Click here to apply!

N.B.: This travel funding is for students who are NOT presenting at the meeting but would like to attend. If you are PRESENTING at the Annual Meeting, do NOT apply for this bursary; you are eligible for a different program run by the Annual Meeting Program Committee. Contact the Program Committee for more information.

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