MAA News – 2018 Medieval Academy Election

To the Members of the Medieval Academy,

I am pleased to announce the names of the Medieval Academy members who have generously agreed to stand for election to office in 2018:

President: David J. Wallace (English and Comparative Literature, Univ. of Pennsylvania)
1st-VP: Ruth Mazo Karras (History, Univ. of Minnesota)
2nd-VP:  Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski (French, Univ. of Pittsburgh)

Council (four seats available):

Kathryne Beebe (History, Univ. of Texas-Arlington)
Jochen Burgtorf (History, California State Univ., Fullerton)
Raymond Clemens (Manuscript Studies, Beinecke Library, Yale Univ.)
Valerie L. Garver (History, Northern Illinois Univ.)
Stephen Jaeger (German Lit., Emeritus, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign)
Cynthia J. Neville (History, Dalhousie Univ.)
Lucy K. Pick (Religion, Univ. of Chicago)
Kathryn A. Smith (Art History, New York Univ.)

Nominating Committee (two seats available):

Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis (Religious Studies, Saint Martin’s Univ.)
Robin Fleming (History, Boston College)
Gabriel Radle (Liturgical Studies, Univ. of Notre Dame)
Catherine Saucier (Musicology, Arizona State Univ.)

In addition to biographical information, each candidate has submitted a statement detailing their vision for the Academy and their reasons for wanting to participate in its governance. It is our hope that these statements will assist members in making informed choices about the governance of the Medieval Academy. These statements are online here:

There are eight candidates for four openings on the Council, the governing body of the Academy. There are four candidates for two openings on the Nominating Committee, tasked with proposing candidates for the annual Council and Officers’ election. As is our practice, the slate of presidential officers is presented unopposed, although nominations by petition may be made as follows, in accordance with article 26 of the By-Laws:

Nominations of other members of the Academy for elected officers, Councillors, or members of the Nominating Committee may be made by written petition signed by at least seven members of the Academy. A nomination by petition may be for a single office, several offices, or an entire slate. Such petitions must be received by the Executive Director within twenty days of the circulation of the report of the Nominating Committee (article 25), unless the Council extends the period for making nominations by petition.

As the slate of candidates was announced on 26 September, the closing date for nomination by petition has been set at 11:59 PM, 16 October 2017. Additional information about the governance of the Academy can be found on our FAQ page:

My thanks to the 2018 Nominating Committee for their work in establishing the slate of Council candidates: Thomas Dale (Chair), Sean Field, Fiona Griffiths, Bernice Kaczynski, and Susan Kramer. My thanks as well to President Margot Fassler for proposing the slate of Nominating Committee candidates.

Electronic balloting will open on 23 October. If you would like to receive a paper ballot and have not received one in the past, please contact me at

Voting in the Medieval Academy election is one of the most important means that members have to impact both the Academy and the future of medieval studies in North America. Please vote and let your voice be heard. I look forward to your participation in the election of the leadership of the Medieval Academy of America.

– Lisa Fagin Davis, Executive Director

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