MAA News – 2024 Committee Appointments

I am very pleased to announce the new MAA committee members, recently appointed by the Council in accordance with our policies and procedures:

American Historical Association Program Committee: Valerie Garver (Northern Illinois Univ.)
Kalamazoo Program Committee: Carolyn Twomey (Univ. of Nebraska – Lincoln)
Leeds Program Committee: John Tolan (Univ. de Nantes)

Baldwin Committee: Sara Ritchey (Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Olivia Remie Constable Award Committee: Sarah Lynch (Bates College)
Inclusivity & Diversity Prize Committee: Leah Devun (Rutgers Univ.)
Committee for Professional Development: (TBD)
Schallek Committee: Sebastian Sobecki (Univ. of Toronto)

Professional Support:
Advocacy Committee: Joseph Ackley (Wesleyan Univ.), Emily Francomano (Georgetown Univ.), Alison Perchuk (California State Univ. Channel Islands)
CARA Executive Board: Carolyn Twomey (Univ. of Nebraska – Lincoln)
Database of Medieval Digital Resources Committee: Esther Liberman Cuenca (Univ. of Houston – Victoria), Margaret Smith (Southern Ilinois Univ. Edwardsville)
Digital Humanities and Multimedia Studies Committee: Matt Westerby (National Gallery of Art)
Graduate Student Committee: Chair: Loren Lee (Univ. of Virginia), Mathilde Monpetit (New York Univ.), Camila Marcone (Yale Univ.), Rebekkah Hart (Case Western Reserve Univ.)
Inclusivity & Diversity Committee: Don Wyatt (Middlbury College)
K-12 Committee: Erica Buchberger (Univ. of Texas – Rio Grande Valley), second vacancy TBD
Mentoring Programs Committee: Lynn Shutters (Colorado State Univ.), Giulia Accornero (Yale Univ.), Joaneath Ann Spicer (Walters Art Museum)
Publications Advisory Board: Xiaofei Tian (Harvard Univ.)

Publication Prizes:
John Nicholas Brown Prize Committee: Sarah Davis-Secord (Univ. of New Mexico) (2027), Peter Larson (Univ. College Florida) (2028) [n.b. because the intended rising Chair of the Committee was obliged to recuse herself from service for 2025, two new members were brought onto the Committee, one of whom will serve an extra year]
Van Courtlandt Elliott Prize Committee: Roberta Frank (Yale Univ.)
Karen Gould Prize Committee: Nino Zchomelidse (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
Monica H. Green Prize Committee: Lucy Barnhouse (Arkansas State Univ.)
Haskins Medal Committee: Ardis Butterfield (Yale Univ.)
Jerome E. Singerman Prize Committee: Linda Safran (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies/Univ. of Toronto)

I look forward to working with these new volunteers and the continuing committee members (all of whom are listed on the MAA website: About -> Committees). I am so grateful to all of our volunteers for their service to the Academy and to our field. We could not do our work without you!

– Lisa

Lisa Fagin Davis, Executive Director

p.s. if you are interested in being considered for committee service next year, please fill out this form (if you have filled it out in the past, please do so again so that we are certain to have your up-to-date preferences in hand).

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