MAA News – Call for CARA News

As many of you know, in the past the Medieval Academy has published a semi-annual CARA (Committee on Centers and Regional Associations) Newsletter as an online PDF. We want to try something new this year that will increase the scope of our readership, allowing news of your campus and programming to reach a much wider audience.

Please send a report about this year’s medieval studies programming in your department, regional association, or center to Executive Director Lisa Fagin Davis. The report should be in the body of an email message and may include as many links as you want (full URLs please, not embedded). If you have your own newsletter published online, please send us that link as well. Finally, please do not attach files or images to your email message.

We will publish your update on the Medieval Academy News website (, our hub for updates, calls for papers, and announcements. All submissions will be tagged as CARA updates and will be retrievable as a group using this URL:

By distributing that URL widely through social media, the MAA newsletter, email, etc., we will easily be able to promote your program to the Academy’s 3,700 members and more than 9,500 Twitter-followers.

Please submit your updates to Lisa by May 30. For more information about CARA, please see our website:

Thank you!

Anne Lester, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
CARA Chair

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