MAA News – Coming Soon: July Issue of Speculum

The latest issue of Speculum will be available later this month.

Speculum, Volume 95, Number 3 (July 2020)

Joel Anderson, “Bishop Guðmundr’s Roman Redemption:  Imagining and Suspending Papal Government in Medieval Iceland”

Justine Firnhaber-Baker, “The Social Constituency of the Jacquerie Revolt of 1358”

Anna Wilson, “Petrarch’s Queer History”

Michael Johnston,  “Copying and Reading The Prick of Conscience in Late Medieval England”

Book Reviews
This issue of Speculum features more than 80 book reviews.

This issue also contains:

* Books Received
* Brief Notices
* Notes from the Annual Meeting of the MAA
* Annual Contributors to the Medieval Academy of America

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