MAA News – Good News From Our Members

Michelle Warren (Dartmouth College) has been awarded a Guggenheim Felowship as well as an ACLS Fellowship to support the completion of her book Lives of a Medieval Book in the Digital Dark Ages, which traces the history of a manuscript from the Middle Ages to the present.

ACLS Fellowships have also been awarded to Jonathan P. Decter (Brandeis University) for his project “The Jewish Discovery of Religion in the Medieval Middle East,” and to Emily Zazulia (University of California, Berkeley) for her project “Where Sight Meets Sound: The Poetics of Late Medieval Music Writing.”

The National Endowment for Humanities has awarded grants to Rebecca Wollenberg (Independent Scholar) for her project “Beyond the Book: Reimagining the Early Reception History of the Bible” and to Virginia Blanton (University of Missouri, Kansas City) for her project “Shaping Monastic Devotional Culture in 14th-Century England.”

If you have good news to share, please contact the MAA Executive Director.

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