MAA News – Good News From Our Members

Several Medieval Academy members have recently been awarded Summer Stipends from the National Endowment for the Humanities or have been named Fellows of the American Council of Learned Societies:

NEH Summer Stipends: 

Abigail Firey (University of Kentucky Research Foundation), “Lady Justice’s Schoolrooms: Learning Law in the Holy Roman Empire (Germany and Italy, ca. 800-1000)” [preparation of a three-volume history of law in medieval western Europe]

John Ott (Portland State University), “Scandal, Reform, and the Compilation of Canon Law in Eleventh-Century Reims” [Research and preparation for editions and translations of two major documents on church and civil legal history in medieval France, the Apologia of Archbishop Manasses I of Reims (c. 1069-1080) and the legal collection Sinemuriensi produced at Reims in the tenth and eleventh centuries]

Phillip Lieberman (Vanderbilt University), “The Shifting Fate of World Jewry from Iraq to North Africa in the Early Islamic Period” [a book-length project about the dynamics of Jewish life in the medieval Islamic world]

Isabel Moreira (University of Utah), “A Cultural Biography of Queen Balthild of Neustria, France (c.626-80)” [completion of a biography of Queen Balthild of northern France (c. 626-680), who was born an Anglo-Saxon slave, married King Clovis II, was regent to her sons, and after her death was venerated as a saint at the French convent she founded]

ACLS Fellows: 

Catherine Conybeare (Professor of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies, Bryn Mawr College), “Augustine the African”

Jennifer Jahner (Assistant Professor of Humanities, California Institute of Technology), “The Medieval Experimental Imagination: Scientific and Literary Method in Later Medieval England”

Sara Ritchey (Associate Professor of History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville), “Communities of Care: Women, Healing, and Prayer in the Late Medieval Lowlands”

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