MAA News – Good News From Our Members

Former MAA President Thomas E. Dale (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison) has been awarded the Chazen Distinguished Chair of Art History for 2022–2027.

Several MAA members were awarded publication prizes at the 2022 International Congress on Medieval Studies: Dyan Elliott (Northwestern Univ.) was awarded this year’s Otto Gründler Prize for her monograph, The Corrupter of Boys: Sodomy, Scandal, and the Medieval Clergy (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020); and Katie Menendez (Univ. of Toronto) was awarded the Paul E. Szarmach First Article Prize for “Gregory the Great as Intermediary Figure between East and West: The Eleventh-Century Manuscript Context of the Old English Dialogues,” Viator 51 (2020): 241-271.

Katherine French (Univ. of Michigan) has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to support her research on a fifteenth-century London boarding house for single women.

Alani Hicks-Bartlett (Brown Univ.) has been granted a Short-Term Residency at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies to support her research on women and violence in Medieval and Early Modern drama.

William Jordan (Princeton Univ.) has been awarded an honorary degree from Oxford University.

Amy Livingstone (Univ. of Lincoln) has been appointed Head of the Lincoln School of History and Heritage, and Professor of History, at the University of Lincoln, UK.

Sarah Luginbil (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder) has been awarded a 2022-2023 Public Humanities Fellowship from Trinity University’s Humanities Collective in San Antonio.

If you have Good News to share, please send it to Executive Director Lisa Fagin Davis.

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