MAA News – Graduate Student Committee Announces Community-Building Awards

As part of the GSC’s ongoing efforts to think creatively about increasing accessibility of the wider public to the knowledge that we, as scholars of the Middle Ages, are producing, five special 2022 Community-Building Awards have been granted in support of these projects:

“Living with the Medieval and Letting it Live: High Schoolers and Historical Learning at the Sheesh Mahal, Delhi” (Anurag Advani, Aparajita Das, Sonia Wigh, Sourav Ghosh)

“Coding Codices” (Aylin Malcolm, Tessa Gengnagel, and Caitlin Postal)

“The Medievalist Toolkit” (Claire Dillon, Carly Quijano, Sam Dobberstein, Sarina Kuersteiner, Adam Matthews, and Robin Reich)

“Meeting in the Middle Ages Podcast” (Will Beattie and Benjamin Pykare)

“Middle School Paleography Workshop” (Rosann Marie Gage and Lanson Wells)

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