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The latest issue of Speculum is now available on the University of Chicago Press Journals website.

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Speculum, Volume 93, Issue 1 (January 2018)


“Ala grant temps de douleur languissant”: Grief and Mourning in Girart d’Amiens’ Istoire le roy Charlemaine

Daisy Delogu

“Partout la figure du lion”: Thomas of Marle and the Enduring Legacy of the Coucy Donjon Tympanum

Richard A. Leson

On Lying


Dallas G. Denery II

“Consider the Future as Present”: The Paranoid World of Kekaumenos

Jake Ransohoff

“Your Words Are the Truth”: Rabbi Qalonymous and Archbishop Ruthard of Mainz

Susan L. Einbinder

Serpents and Lies

Nancy Mandeville Caciola

Lies, Puns, Tallies: Marital and Material Deceit in Langland and Chaucer

Jamie Taylor

The Medieval Liar

Gyula Klima


Glossing Vergil and Pagan Learning in the Carolingian Age

Sinéad O’Sullivan

Book Reviews

This issue of Speculum features more than 70 book reviews, including:

Lindy Grant, Blanche of Castile, Queen of France

Reviewed by William Chester Jordan

Catherine Hanley, Louis: The French Prince Who Invaded England

Reviewed by Hagar Barak

David Wallace, ed., Europe: A Literary History, 1348-1418

Reviewed by Marisa Galvez and Niklaus Largier

Warren T. Woodfin, The Embodied Icon: Liturgical Vestments and Sacramental Power in Byzantium

Reviewed by Maureen C. Miller

Piotr Górecki, The Text and the World: The Henryków Book, Its Authors, and Their Region, 1160-1310

Reviewed by Wojtek Jezierski

Anna Baldwin, An Introduction to Medieval English Literature 1300-1485; Michael Calabrese, An Introduction to Piers Plowman

Reviewed by Ellen K. Rentz

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