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William Rhodes

William Rhodes

Schallek Fellowship
William Rhodes of the University of Virginia will receive the 2014 Schallek Fellowship. He is working with Prof. Elizabeth Fowler on a dissertation entitled “The Ecology of Reform: Land and Labor from Piers Plowman to Edmund Spenser.” This fellowship, which is supported by the Richard III Society, American Branch, provides a one-year grant of $30,000 to support Ph.D. dissertation research in any relevant discipline dealing with late-medieval Britain (c.1350-1500).

The members of the Schallek Committee in 2013-14 are Joel Rosenthal (Chair, SUNY Stony Brook), Joyce Coleman (University of Oklahoma), Kathryn Kerby-Fulton (Notre Dame University) and Nancy Warren (Texas A&M University).

MAA Travel Grants
The MAA Committee for Professional Development is pleased to announce the Winter 2013-2014 Travel Grant winners: Mary Agnes Edsall and Mary Rambaran-Olm won international awards and will be speaking at the 2014 Congress of the New Chaucer Society in Reykjavik, Iceland, in July; Olga Boiché and Sarah Spalding will present papers at the International Congress of Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo in May. The next deadline for Travel Grant applications is 1 May. More information is available here.

The 2013-14 members of the Committee for Professional Development are Karen Mathews (Chair, University of Miami), Georgiana Donavin (Westminster College, Salt Lake City), and Laura Light (Les Enluminures, Paris, New York, and Chicago)

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