MAA News – MAA Grants Awarded

The following grants were awarded in recent weeks:

Olivia Remie Constable Awards:

Louisa Foroughi, “Peasant Femininity and the Female Relations of Yeomen in Later Medieval England”

Margaret K. Smith, “Identity and Authority in Medieval Ireland”

Kristen Streahle, “Opportunities Underfoot: Repairing Sanità through Community Organizing and Cultural Heritage Stewardship”

Justin Willson, “The Sacralization of Art in Late Medieval Muscovy”

Dissertation Grants:

Hope Emily Allen Grant: Noa Ania Nikolsky (University of Pennsylvania), “Governing Bodies: The Regimen Sanitatis in Late Medieval Europe”

John Boswell Grant: Gabriela Chitwood (University of Oregon), “Toulouse Cathedral: Understanding Life in and around a Cathedral under Construction”

Helen Maud Cam Grant: Claire Kilgore (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Sensing the Bodily Interior: Visualizing Pregnancy and Reproductive Anatomy in Central Europe, 1300-1550”

Grace Frank Grant: Douglass Hamilton (Fordham University), “The Knight God Forgave: Longinus and the Negotiation of Knightly Piety c. 1000 – c. 1300”

Etienne Gilson Grant: Hallie Voulgaris (Yale University), “Practicing Music Theory with Mind, Body, and Soul in the treatises of Ṣafī al-Dīn al-Urmawī”

Frederic C. Lane Grant: Paige Lynch (University of New Mexico), “Associations between Climate Change, Feudalism, and their Biological Consequences for a Medieval Polish Population”

Robert and Janet Lumiansky Grant: Shannah Rose (New York University), “The Codex Ríos and the Reception of Mesoamerican Pictography in Early Modern Rome”

E. K. Rand Grant: Marcel Camprubi (Princeton University), “Lines of Thought: Notation and Music Books in Early Abbasid Baghdad (762-1055)

Charles Tuttle Wood Grant: Adam Matthew Aaron (University of Tennessee-Knoxville), “The Sons of Melisende: Baldwin III, Amalric, and Kingship in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1143-1174 CE”

Belle da Costa Greene Award:

Anwesha Das, “Connecting Threads: Gujarat and its Textile Trade in the Medieval Indian Ocean (11th-15th Century CE)”

Schallek Awards:

Mary M. Alcaro (Rutgers University), “Plague Trauma and the Pestilential Poetics of Late Fourteenth Century British Literature”

Erin Kurian (University of Waterloo), “The Cinque Ports: An Urban Confederation in Decline 1350-1450”

Morgan McMinn (West Virginia University), “Daily Life of the Religious in the Late Medieval Diocese of Lincoln”

Bard Swallow (University of Toronto), “The Role of Latin Poetry in Late Medieval England”

Emily Youree (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Outlaw Discourse: The Affinity of King and Outlaw in Late Middle English Literature”

Congratulations to all of the recipients! We are so pleased to be able support these scholars and their research.

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