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Detail of Illustration from Guillaume Tardif, Venerie et la Chasse, fol. 7r. France, between 1399 and 1499. Glasgow University Library, MS Hunter 269 (U.5.9).

One of the major features of the new MAA website is its Members section, which now provides a robust, up-to-date membership directory. This MAA Members Directory is available to all members of the Medieval Academy, but you need to be logged in to access the directory. The directory is expanded over the former print version, which provided only contact information. Now members can add information to their professional profiles about their work and publications and upload a copy of their CVs. A photo can be added as well.

Members can also provide information about their disciplines, fields and specialties and indicate their willingness to review books and article submissions for Speculum. You can also search the online directory for other members in their fields or geographical regions or by any number of other criteria.

To access the directory, go to any page on the MAA website, sign in to the site, then pull down the Members tab and select Members Directory. There you will find both basic and advanced options for searching the directory.

We encourage members to sign in and update their own profiles to make this a valuable resource for the entire community of medievalists.

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