MAA News – Medieval Digital Innovators

Two medievalists are among the nine recipients of the ACLS 2012 Digital Innovation Fellowships.

Margot Fassler Photo courtesy of ACLS

Margot Fassler (Professor, Theology and Music, University of Notre Dame) will create a digitized, sounding model of Hildegard of Bingen’s conception of the cosmos, employing the advanced technology of Notre Dame’s Digital Visualization Theater.

Massimo Lollini Photo courtesy of ACLS

Massimo Lollini (Professor, Romance Languages, University of Oregon) will make Petrarch’s early manuscripts available to scholars online via an interface that provides new tools for rich linking and layering of texts as well as visualizations of documents.

Other projects of interest to medievalists include Assistant Professor Jesse Rodin’s Josquin Research Project (Stanford University) on new tools for making Renaissance music searchable; and three GIS projects covering Rome, Saqqara (Egypt), and the North Atlantic.

These fellows will spend a year dedicated to a major scholarly project intended to advance digital humanistic scholarship by broadening understanding of its nature and exemplifying the robust infrastructure necessary for creating such works. These projects span disciplines and methodologies, but all create new means of scholarly investigation and sharing. For more information see

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