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The April 2014 issue of Speculum is now available online along with the entire Speculum archive. Print copies have been shipped. This issue includes five articles (below) and sixty-nine reviews:

Rory Naismith, “Gold Coinage and Its Use in the Post-Roman West” (pp. 273-306)

J. R. Webb, “‘Knowledge Will Be Manifold’: Daniel 12.4 and the Idea of Intellectual Progress in the Middle Ages” (pp. 307-357)

Hannah W. Matis, “Early-Medieval Exegesis of the Song of Songs and the Maternal Language of Clerical Authority” (pp. 358-381)

Andrew J. Romig, “In Praise of the Too-Clement Emperor: The Problem of Forgiveness in the Astronomer’s Vita Hludowici imperatoris” (pp. 382-409)

Constance M. Rousseau, “Neither Bewitched nor Beguiled: Philip Augustus’s Alleged Impotence and Innocent III’s Response” (pp. 410-436)

Members can access Speculum online free of charge as a perquisite of membership. The easiest way to do so is through the Medieval Academy website; click here for instructions. You will need to sign into the Academy’s website using your member name and password, after which no further sign-ins will be necessary. Once you make your way to the Cambridge University Press Speculum site, you can sign up for Speculum-related notifications if you wish.

As a new feature of Speculum online, members and subscribers can now read articles in ePub format as well as PDF and HTML. EPub is an article format that sits neatly between PDF and HTML, with hyperlinked footnotes and reflowable text, images, and tables. EPub documents can be viewed on a number of devices, including smartphones and tablets, using an ePub reader such as iBooks, Bookworm, Stanza or MobiPocket, among others. The ePub format will be available for all articles published in 2014 and on.

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