MAA News – Winners of the Olivia Remie Constable Awards

remieWe were honored to announce the first winners of the Olivia Remie Constable Awards at the Annual Meeting at the University of Notre Dame in March, an appropriate and poignant locale given Remie’s close association with UND’s Medieval Institute:

Laura Carlson, “The Hispani in Francia: Identity & Intellectual Exchange in the Carolingian Empire (ca. 711-850)”

Katherine Dimitrova, “Woven at the Crossroads of Culture: Avignon’s Role in Tapestry Production and Patronage during the Great Papal Schism (1378-1417)”

Maire Johnson, for travel to the 2015 International Congress on Celtic Studies, “Ruadan vs. Diarmait: Mixed Maledictory Arts, Hagiographical Style”

Jacqueline Anne Stuhmiller, for travel to the 2015 Kalamazoo Congress, “Animal Lovers: Bestiality in the Middle Ages”

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