Medieval Studies Seminar: Hélène Debax next Monday, 21 April

The Medieval Studies Seminar is pleased to welcome Prof. Hélène Debax next Monday, 21 April at 4:30 pm (Barker 133), when she will speak on “Joint Lordship in the Medieval West, Eleventh through Thirteenth Centuries.” Prof. Debax recieved her Maîtrise and Ph.D. from the University of Toulouse, where she now is Professor of Medieval History and a director of the CNRS-sponsored project FRAMESPA (France Méridionale et Espagne: Histoire des sociétés du Moyen-Âge à l’époque contemporaine). A scholar of the social and political history of medieval France and the medieval aristocracy, with a special focus on Languedoc, Prof. Debax is the author of numerous articles and monographs, including La seigneurie collective: pairs, pariers, paratge (Rennes, 2012) and La féodalité languedocienne: serments, hommages et fiefs dans le Languedoc des Trencavel (Toulouse, 2003).

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