Medieval Studies Seminar: Publishing and Medieval Studies with Jerome Singerman of UPenn Press next Monday, 11 November

The Medieval Studies Seminar is delighted to welcome Jerome Singerman, senior acquisitions editor for medieval and Renaissance, Jewish, and literary studies at the University of Pennsylvania Press, next Monday, 11 November, at 4:30pm where he will speak on “The Medieval Studies Monograph in the 21st Century.” The talk will be followed by “The Polygraph Test: Multiple Authorship and Scholarly Enterprise in the 21st Century”, a roundtable discussion with Jerry Singerman, Daniel Smail (History, Harvard), Michael Papio (Italian Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst), and Dana Polanichka (History, Wheaton College). Both Mr. Singerman’s talk and the roundtable will take place in Barker Center 114 (the Kresge Memorial Room).

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