New England Medieval Studies Consortium Conference

I am organizing a graduate student conference on medieval studies to be held at Yale University on March 31st. We are expecting between fifty and seventy attendees, from universities in the Northeast all the way to California and the UK. I write to inquire whether you have any promotional material, advance copies, or review copies of titles relating to medieval studies which you would like to send us to display during our registration and reception.


On March 31, 2012, a group of Yale graduate students will host the 29th annual New England Medieval Studies Consortium Graduate Student Conference.  The interdisciplinary conference, founded in 1983 by the late Prof. Alison Goddard Elliot of Brown University, is hosted on a rotating basis by Yale, the University of Connecticut, and Brown, and it brings together graduate students in Medieval Studies from across the Northeast and, increasingly, from other parts of the country as well.  The conference is organized every year by graduate students, and only graduate students may present papers at the conference.

The title of the 2011 conference is “Audience in the Middle Ages.”  This very broad heading has elicited abstracts from many of the different disciplines that comprise Medieval Studies: from manuscript studies and palaeography, to liturgical studies, to hagiography, literary studies, and the history of art, as well as more theoretical approaches to ideas of audience in the Middle Ages.

The conference will feature a plenary lecture by Elaine Treharne, Professor of English at Florida State University. Professor Treharne is the author of Living Through Conquest: The Politics of Early English, 1020-1220 (Oxford, forthcoming), Rewriting Old English in the Twelfth Century (Cambridge, 2006) and Textual Cultures: Cultural Texts (Boydell and Brewer, 2010), among many others. We are proud to note that universities in the Northeast (NYU, UConn, Princeton, Villanova) as well as further afield (Birmingham, Cambridge, UC-Berkeley) will be represented.

If you would like to send us materials, please direct them to:

Audience in the Middle Ages
c/o Joseph Stadolnik
Department of English
Yale University
P.O. Box 208302
New Haven, CT 06520-8302

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