Paul-Lehmann Graduate Fellowship

The SCRIPTO programme (Scholarly Codicological Research, Information & Palaeographical Tools) at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg aims to provide a systematic, research-oriented introduction to the study of medieval and early modern books and their interpretation. It combines research and instruction within the framework of a uniquely innovative course of European, not to say world-wide, interest, at the end of which each candidate will be awarded a diploma from Friedrich-Alexander University.

Further information on SCRIPTO:

SCRIPTO coordinator Dr Stefan Weber:

The Paul-Lehmann Graduate Fellowship will be awarded to a young scholar who wishes to apply for SCRIPTO V (23rd April to 30th June 2012). The fellowship bears the name of the great medieval scholar Paul Lehmann (1884-1964), whose books constituted the first nucleus of the Erlangen Mittellateinische Bibliothek.

Students must apply for the fellowship in writing before the 15th December 2011. Applicants should write enclosing a full CV to:

Prof. Dr. Michele C. Ferrari
Mittellatein und Neulatein
Kochstr. 4/3
D-91054 Erlangen


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