18th Annual Marco Symposium

Religious Communities Across Space and Time in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East

18th Annual Marco Symposium
March 4 – 5, 2022
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

This year’s sympoisum brings together scholars of the medieval and early modern world to examine how religious communities conceptualized and imagined themselves. The symposium will feature specialists whose geographic interests include Africa, the Middle East and Europe. “Community” will be interpreted broadly to include not only world systems such as oikumene, ummah or ecclesia, but also local communities, such as individual mosques, monasteries, or synagogues.

Papers will investigate how interactions between religious communities shaped their identities and experiences. The symposium will explore the diversity and complexity of pre-modern notions of religious communities across a wide range of geographic, confessional and temporal boundaries.

For more information, including the agenda, please visit marco.utk.edu/symposium.

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