Call for Papers – (Re-)Conceptualizing Medieval and Early Modern Central Europe

CFP for MEMGS Seminar: (Re-)Conceptualizing Medieval and Early Modern Central Europe

Convenors: CJ (Claire Taylor) Jones (University of Notre Dame, German) and Frances Kneupper (University of Mississippi, History)

This seminar focuses on the diversity of the periods before 1800, of the communities of Central Europe (both German-speaking and non-German-speaking), and of German speakers outside of Europe. Participants are invited to reflect on the variety of ways in which our disciplines or modern terminology construct our object of study, sometimes in ways incommensurate with the world of the past. When is “German” not a useful concept and how do we redefine our area to better reflect historical circumstances? How have premodernists in various disciplines been redefining what has value as an object of study? How do interactions between different disciplines lead to new ways of interpreting sources? How do premodern sources challenge our assumptions about concepts such as “nation,” “language,” “literature,” “authorship,” a “work,” and “art”? How do we engage the multiple overlaps and borders between various conceptions of Central Europe? How can new approaches to premodern Central Europe transform the way we teach in high schools and colleges?GSA Seminars meet for all three days of the conference during the first or second morning slot to foster extended discussion, rigorous intellectual exchange, and intensified networking. They are led by two to four conveners and consist of 10 to 20 participants, at least some of whom should be graduate students. In order to reach the goal of extended discussion, seminar organizers and participants are required to participate in all three installments of the seminar.To apply for a seminar, access the portal through the conference website. Applications ask for a title and abstract describing the nature of your contribution to the seminar, as well as a short biography. The application portal will open at the end of February. Applicants must be members of the GSA for 2022; you can join or renew your membership through the GSA website:

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