2012-13 ACLS Fellowship Competitions Now Open

From the ACLS:

Greetings from the American Council of Learned Societies!

We are pleased to let you know that the 2012-13 ACLS fellowship competitions are now open. You will find updated and comprehensive information on all our programs on the ACLS website: www.acls.org/programs/comps. The majority of competition deadlines are in October and November.

During the past year, ACLS awarded over $15 million to more than 320 scholars worldwide, making it a major source of support for humanistic scholarship in the United States. Fellows’ profiles, along with research abstracts, are accessible at: www.acls.org/fellows/new.

We are looking forward to an equally successful fellowships season in 2012-13.

With best wishes,

Nicole Stahlmann
Director of Fellowship Programs
American Council of Learned Societies

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