Call for Papers – Decolonizing the Medieval Studies Syllabus (a roundtable)

Call for Papers
56th International Congress on Medieval Studies
Western Michigan University, May 2021

Decolonizing the Medieval Studies Syllabus (a roundtable)

This session is sponsored by the CARA Committee of the Medieval Academy of America. In the effort to help decolonize the field, some medievalists have turned to a Global Middle Ages to challenge the assumptions of their own scholarship and of traditional canons. Not all teachers have the opportunity to design brand-new courses, however. This roundtable seeks participants willing to share their own experiences of broadening the Medieval Studies syllabus, with the goal of offering sample assignments and texts from a range of disciplines to help teachers integrate non-Eurocentric material into their current Medieval Studies classes, as well as suggestions for reframing canonical texts. It is designed to continue pedagogical themes from the Medieval Academy meeting scheduled for April 2021. We encourage submissions from instructors in any field, especially those who teach outside of a research university setting.

Please submit a proposal of 250 words or less via the Congress website ( by September 15, 2020. For any questions, feel free to contact Renée Trilling at

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