Call for Papers – “Citing Authorities in the Middle Ages”

Call for papers (deadline: September 15)

“Citing Authorities in the Middle Ages” at the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 10-13, 2018), organized by Elizabeth C. Teviotdale and sponsored by the Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University

Medieval Christian authors and scribes cited the sources for information and ideas, often the Bible and works of the patristic fathers, in a variety of ways. Famously, the Carolingian theologian Paschasius Radbertus named his patristic sources in the prologue to his treatise on the Eucharist, and for much of the manuscript tradition, some (but curiously not all) of those authors were identified as sources of particular ideas by shortened names (AM, HIL, etc.) in the margins of the treatise. Authorities for ideas in medieval texts were often identified not by name at all but by sobriquet, as was the case for Averroes, so often referred to simply as “the commentator. ” This session seeks to bring together papers exploring aspects of attribution in medieval texts and manuscripts.

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