Call for Papers – Fair Unknowns: Extending the Corpus of Arthurian Texts

Sponsored by the Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Matter of Britain

Collection edited by Carl Sell, Lock Haven University, and Michael A. Torregrossa, Independent Scholar.

Proposals due by 1 June 2022

The Arthurian tradition has existed for over 1500 years, yet we still know only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true size of the corpus of Arthurian texts. Many works from earlier periods have been neglected, and new works continue to appear each year. It is our contention that all of these can be as interesting as those texts continually turned to by Arthurianists; please, help us in expanding our view of the canon.

Call for Papers

Arthurianists excel at locating and cataloging representations of the Matter of Britain, and, as bibliographers, comicsographers, discographers, and filmographers, we have done much to expand our knowledge of the ways creators have made use of the tradition. However, our knowledge of the corpus still remains incomplete. An untold number of Arthurian texts from older eras remain missed by previous investigations (whether ignored, forgotten, or lost), while perhaps just as many are too new to have yet been the focus of critical analysis. Both omissions create unfortunate gaps in building a full history of the Once and Future King and those that surround him. A more complete picture of the reception of the legend is important for our understanding of how and why stories of Arthur and his court continue to be retold and can offer fresh insight to aid our teaching and research. The goal of this collection, then, is to create a nexus where the Arthurian past and present (and perhaps future) can meet in a space where we can set them into the larger context of the Matter of Britain and discuss and debate what makes them worth adding to the canon and how they can build and/or (re)shape of our critical understanding of Arthurian texts today.

Potential questions for discussion:

  • Is it worth maintaining a canon of Arthurian texts?
  • Are value-laden terms like “Lesser Arthuriana” useful critical tools?
  • What Arthurian texts have yet to be discovered by scholars?
  • What Arthurian texts have been unjustly neglected?
  • What new Arthurian texts have been produced recently?
  • How does your text fit into/engage with the larger Arthurian tradition?

Send inquiries, proposals, and/or drafts of papers to the organizers at We also welcome suggestions for resources (in print or online) that might be of value to the collection and its audience.

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