Call for Papers -Midwest Medieval History Conference

October 9-10, 2015
It Was a Very Good Year: The Impact of 1215 on the Medieval World
Keynote Speaker: Professor Richard Helmholz, University of Chicago

The year 1215 will be known forever among medieval historians for two groundbreaking events, the Fourth Lateran Council of Pope Innocent III and the creation of Magna Carta by the barons rebelling against King John of England. In light of recent events in the state of Indiana and elsewhere, MMHC fields this question:  Was the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 and the creation of the Holy Inquisition responsible for the transformation of western culture into a “Persecuting Society”? This is a question that has excited vigorous debate since the publication of R. I. Moore’s The Formation of a Persecuting Society. MMHC welcomes papers on this topic from both graduate students and professionals, with the intention of developing sessions on both Friday (the grad session) and Saturday (the general session) of the conference.

MMHC welcomes papers on any topic of medieval history, especially proposals for papers on topics relevant to the theme of the impact of 1215.

Please send abstract (300 words maximum) via email attachment to Linda Mitchell, Program Chair, Deadline for paper proposals: June 30, 2015.

Graduate students presenting on the Friday sessions receive a modest travel stipend of $150. Indicate your affiliation, degree program, and academic status when submitting paper proposal.

For information about the conference or local arrangements, please email local host, Steve Stofferahn ( and/or program chair, Linda Mitchell (

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