Call for Papers – Remembering the Middle Ages? Reception, Identity, Politics

Remembering the Middle Ages? Reception, Identity, Politics
Conference Dates: April 5th-6th, 2019
Abstract Deadline: January 7th, 2019

We invite submissions of abstracts for 20-minute papers to be presented at the two-day conference, “Remembering the Middle Ages? Reception, Identity, Politics,” to be held at Fischer Hall, the University of Notre Dame’s London campus, on April 5th-6th, 2019.

The conference aims to unite an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars in conversation about the uses of the “medieval” period across time. Particularly, we ask how the concept of a “cultural memory” of the Middle Ages can be useful (or not) in understanding how and why scholars, artists, audiences, and other users have resourced or imagined the Middle Ages, in any post-medieval period. We ask participants to interrogate the linguistic, material, and social networks that have been created by medieval things over time.

Papers considering the intersections of medievalisms, cultural memory, and concepts of identity are particularly welcome. Potential topic areas might include, but are not limited to: discourses of race or ethno-nationalism; medievalisms that remember a multiple and complex Middle Ages; antiquarian scholarship; visual and performance art; translation theory; heritage discourses; global remembrances of the European Middle Ages; assemblages of the European and non-European in medievalist projects; cultural memory of the Middle Ages; the politics of medievalism; periodization; intersections between nativist dialogues and medievalism; right-wing and/ or left-wing medievalisms; medievalisms that disrupt stereotypes.

We encourage researchers at all career stages to apply. Please submit 300-word abstracts and a short bio to and by 7 January, 2019

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