Call For Participants: La Châtelaine de Vergi, A New Translation into English

La Châtelaine de Vergi, one of the most highly-regarded short narratives of thirteenth-century  Old French  literature, appears frequently in anthologies of medieval  literature and is a mainstay of Old French pedagogy around the world. Despite its popularity in teaching and research, it has been over a century since an English-language translator attempted to grapple with its complex poetry. This project proposes to fill this gap by producing a high-quality, verse translation of La Châtelaine de Vergi into English from a critical edition. The translation will be produced collectively by a group of scholars working together in twice-monthly meetings to be held over Zoom. Participants must have a working knowledge of both Old French and the target language, English.

To participate, please email Hartley at Scholars and translators of all levels and career stages are welcome.

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