Conference – The Pre-modern Book in a Global Context: Materiality & Visuality

The Pre-modern Book in a Global Context: Materiality & Visuality
October 21 and 22, 2016
Binghamton University

This conference addresses all aspects of the study of the pre-modern book as artifact.

Plenary lectures include:

Bruce Holsinger, (University of Virginia), “Theologies and Biologies of the Book: Past and Present”

Lucille Chia, (UC Riverside), “Impressions of East Asian Book Cultures: Print and Manuscript Culture in China and Japan, 7th-17th Centuries,”

Megan Hale Williams, (San Francisco State University), “Ideals and Realities in Late Fourth-Century Historical Research: Books and Libraries in Late Antiquity,”

David Roxburgh, (Harvard University), “Emulation in the Arts of the Book: The Early Fifteenth-Century Timurid Workshop in Herat.”

A plenary panel on technology and the study of the book will feature William Noel (University of Pennsylvania), Suzanne Paul, (Cambridge University Library), and Paola Ricciardi, (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge UK).

There are an additional 74 papers on the program in concurrent sessions.  For more information, including the full program, see:

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