Conferences – Beyond the “Land of the Three Cultures”: Re-Thinking Medieval Iberia

Beyond the “Land of the Three Cultures”: Re-Thinking Medieval Iberia.

September 13-14 at the University of Notre Dame

This conference seeks to challenge the received notion of medieval Iberia as a “Land of the Three Cultures”—Christian, Muslim, and Jewish—by questioning the relevance of this construct. Was medieval Iberia a land of only three cultures? Why not four, five, six or more? Despite recent calls to do away with the convivencia and reconquista paradigms, the question of how to proceed from here remains. This conference seeks to address the implications of cultural-religious approaches to the study of medieval Iberia by asking: How do we move beyond the “Land of the Three Cultures”? Do we want to? Can we? What are the alternatives?

Participants include Thomas Glick, Rafael Azuar, John Tolan, Brian Catlos, Benjamin Liu, Dayle Seidenspinner-Nunez, Robin Vose, Gerard Wiegers, Simon Doubleday, Thomas Burman, and Ana Echevarria Arsuaga. The full roster of participants is here. The program is available here. All sessions are free and open to the public, but registration is required ( Please register by Monday 9/9.

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