Deadlines: Medieval Academy Grants and Awards

Juggler, limestone sculpture, third quarter of the 12th century. Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon

The Medieval Academy of America has long provided a variety of benefits of membership, including numerous fellowships, prizes and grants for travel, research and publications. Please see the list below with their deadlines, then follow the links for complete descriptions and application information. We encourage all eligible members to apply for these grants.

We particularly want to call your attention to two CARA awards that were not made last year. We hope to have a lively competition this year. If you have previously made an unsuccessful nomination for these awards, we hope that you will consider submitting updated nominations.

CARA Award for Excellence in Teaching (Deadline 15 November 2012)
Kindrick-CARA Award for Outstanding Service
(Deadline 15 November 2012)

Graduate Student Fellowships and Awards
Birgit Baldwin Fellowship
(Deadline 15 November 2013)
Schallek Fellowship
(Deadline 15 October 2012)
Schallek Awards
(Deadline 15 February 2013)
Medieval Academy Dissertation Grants
(Deadline 15 February 2013)
▪     Hope Emily Allen Dissertation Grant
▪     Helen Maud Cam Dissertation Grant
▪     Grace Frank Dissertation Grant
▪     Etienne Gilson Dissertation Grant
▪     Frederic C. Lane Dissertation Grant
▪     E.K. Rand Dissertation Grant
▪     Charles T. Wood Dissertation Grant
Leyerle-CARA Prize (Deadline 31 January 2013)

CARA Tuition Scholarships
▪     Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame (Deadline 1 May 2013)
▪     Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto (Deadline 1 March 2013)

Independent Scholars/Unaffiliated Faculty
Travel Grants
(Deadlines 1 November 2012 and 1 May 2013)

 Book Awards
Haskins Medal
(Deadline 15 October 2012)
John Nicholas Brown Prize
(Deadline 15 October 2012)
Van Courtlandt Elliott Prize
(Deadline 15 October 2012)
MAA Book Subventions
(Deadline 1 May 2013)

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