DigiPal VI: The Palaeography Awakens…

The Models of Authority team are delighted to announce that the sixth DigiPal Symposium will take place at King’s College London on Monday 5th September 2016. Topics covered will include digital connoisseurship and strategies for curation; building apps for medieval manuscripts; a new device to use x-ray technology to search for medieval fragments in bookbindings; tools for text-allignment; strategies for outreach when teaching medieval history; visualisations to identify the textual transmission of medieval works; and sustainability in research which uses digital methods. And in case that isn’t enough, there’ll be tales of digitisation; breaking news on the latest plans to extend the DigiPal framework; and a glimpse of a new tool for plotting a timeline for Scottish charters (or indeed things neither Scottish, nor a charter).

For a list of confirmed speakers, please visit:

Or just jump straight in and book here:

The Symposium will run from 9.30am-7.15pm, with refreshments and lunch included. There’s no charge for registration, but if you’d like to attend then please do register or you’ll miss out on your chance for a free lunch.

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