Digital Medieval Studies Institute (DMSI) 2024

As a collaborative effort between the University of Notre Dame, Digital Medievalist, and the Medieval Academy of America, a one-day, pre-conference workshop in digital scholarly methods will be held before the annual MAA meeting in March 2024. The event is tailored especially to medievalists, their sources, and their scholarly concerns and will feature established approaches in digital medieval studies.

There are two ways to participate in DMSI 2024.

First, five separate day-long workshops will be offered accompanied by two sessions of lightning talks, followed by a social hour.

These will include:

• Accessible Geospatial Tools for Mapping and Sharing Medieval Information (Matthew Sisk)
• Transcribing and Marking-up Medieval Texts (Dan Johnson)
• Working with Medieval Manuscripts or Art Historical Images using IIIF (Caterina Agostini)
• Forensic and Digital Approaches to Fragmentology (David Gura, Scott Gwara)
• Introducing Medieval Liturgy: Tutorials for Students and Teachers (Cara Aspesi, Katie Bugyis, Margot Fassler, Kristina Kummerer Nicoll)

Second, participants can give a short presentation about any project in digital medieval studies they have been involved in; the topic of a short presentation does not have to be the same as the workshop in which the participant enrolls. Participants will be able to present a lightning talk only if they are accepted to attend the full-day workshop. Click on this website for more information and to apply.

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