Festschrift for Helen C Evans

Work is underway on a festschrift in honor of Dr. Helen C. Evans, Mary and Michael Jaharis Curator Emerita of Byzantine Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We, Jennifer Ball, Christina Maranci, Brandie Ratliff, and Thelma Thomas, the editors of Beyond Byzantium: Essays on the Medieval Worlds of Eastern Christianity and their Arts. In honor of Helen C. Evans invite friends, colleagues, students, and scholars who have known Helen in some capacity to sign the tabula congratulatoria and join us in congratulating Helen for her outstanding career, service to our field, personal mentorship, and many publications.

Helen has advanced medieval studies through her teaching, exhibitions, and scholarship. Moreover, Helen’s service to the fields of Byzantine and Armenian studies and to art history and the museum profession more generally has been long and transformational. As president of the International Center of Medieval Art, she helped to broaden the scope of the field to envision a truly global Medieval world, encompassing Afro-Eurasia.

The volume, to be published by De Gruyter next year, is organized around themes that reflect Helen’s contributions to Byzantine studies, the global medieval world, Armenia and the Caucasus region, and curating and exhibitions. Given her extensive career, Helen has touched the lives of so many scholars that it made the task of determining the scope of this festschrift difficult. We invited participation from authors whom she has mentored directly or with whom she has collaborated closely on a project.

Now, we invite all to sign the tabula congratulatoria using this Google form: https://forms.gle/Rcs5hsRyYk9KfEW18. Please note that our tabula is a way to thank and congratulate Helen. We are not asking for any donation for the publication.

We ask that you add your name to the tabula no later than August 15, 2024.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at hcefestschrift@gmail.com.

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