Graduate Programme Grant

The Dutch Onderzoekschool Mediëvistiek (Research School in Medieval Studies) is proud to announce that it has received from the Dutch Research Organisation (NWO) a so-called ‘Graduate Programme’-grant worth €800,000 for a project submitted by the OzSM in February, entitled ‘Communication and Exploitation of Knowledge’.

The NWO programme is intended to stimulate the forming of excellent teaching and research environments for talented young researchers. With this financial kick-start, four doctoral students can be appointed to carry out research in an area relevant to the approved project, based on a research proposal submitted by a student from any of the participating universities in the Onderzoekschool. The school will select the successful candidates.

Excellent students with a master’s degree from outside the participating universities are also eligible to apply. Further information will in due course be made available. You can stay updated through the website

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